Value added insurance

PRUDENCE provides a range of Insurance and courtesy Risk Management advisory services to all its clients facilitating a lucid and holistic approach to manage risk exposures and arrange comprehensive insurance protection. A brief profile of our value added professional services include:
  • Identification, appraisal and analysis of organizational exposures from insurance and risk management perspectives
  • Advising a range of apt insurance solutions (Insurance policies and Insurance Companies) available locally, regionally and internationally fully complying with the local insurance law and regulations
  • Designing comprehensive Corporate Insurance Program to best meet your organizational Risk Transfer requirements
  • Advising on Asset Valuation issues from an insurance perspective under various insurance policies
  • Advising on and drafting comprehensive Corporate Insurance Tender and Memorandum of Understanding on Service & Procedural Standards for our clients
  • Inviting and analyzing competitive quotes from selected Insurance Companies on such well designed insurance program
  • Recommending ‘Ideal’ potential Insurance Company(ies) to be considered for program placement decision by our client based on its financial security and credit rating standard, operational stability, specialization, serviceability and quote competitiveness.
  • Placing the Insurance Program and arranging requisite insurance policies from such Insurance Company(ies) finally selected by our client
  • Synchronizing Global Corporate Insurance Programs and Policies (if any) of our client with Local and Primary Insurance Policies arranged in UAE to ensure apt overall insurance protection and compliance with local insurance laws and regulations
  • Timely and comprehensive Renewal Management of your Insurance Program & Policies
  • Regular monitoring, control, review and update of our client’s Insurance Program and Policies and Insurance Companies to ensure apt and adequate insurance protection with continuous value added services.
  • Organizing periodical Customer Education Workshops & Seminars upon arranging insurance program and well before renewals to ensure comprehensive understanding information platform at all management levels of the client.

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