Claims consultancy services

“The very purpose of arranging insurance is to ensure timely and smooth claim settlement should an unfortunate incident or disaster strikes ! “

Professional guidance and close support rendered to our clients to ensure smooth and timely finalization of claim(s) forms the hallmark of our value- added services which include

  • Fully explaining and clarifying the claim procedure and documentation requirements under various insurance policies to our client once insurance program is arranged.
  • Provide advise and assistance in lodging claim and complying with all documentary formalities of insurance’s companies.
  • Facilitate well coordinated follow up between our Client, Insurance Company(ies), Surveyors and Loss Adjustors in appraising, evaluating and determining tenability of claim.
  • Provide advise and assistance in ‘Salvage Sale’ process to our clients.
  • Provide full advise and assistance to our client’s in taking appropriate ‘Loss Recovery Action’ against negligent known third parties as required by the Insurance Company.
  • Ensure that our client’s claim is handled, processed and finalized in right spirit and essence of the insurance policy terms and conditions by the Insurance Company with a reasonably expedient time frame.
  • Render Loss Control Management courtesy advisory services to proactively manage risk exposures and prevent recurrence of any unfortunate loss incidents.

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